Families aren’t 'one size fits all' and neither is the support plan for caring for a loved one with a disability. Advocates takes this to heart when we partner with you to create a unique set of services that fits your family and your loved one’s needs. A strong, actively involved family is perhaps the most important element in helping individuals with disabilities lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. We are here to support you.

All family members are considered in our comprehensive services. We offer direct supports for your loved one – including day and employment supports, residential options, and counseling and crisis intervention – as well as programs and resources for you, the caregiver, and other members of your family.

When families are faced with the often daunting task of putting in place support services and planning for the future, our support navigators provide consultation to help you develop your vision, set goals, and access resources. 

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Need help finding family support services for your loved one? We can help you develop your vision for the future, access resources, and prepare for the next stage in your loved one’s life. Contact us today at FamilyServices@Advocates.org.


Our Services

Adult Family Care (AFC)

This flexible program provides financial support, training, and case management for families caring for an older family member or a loved one with a disability at home. Learn more

Elder Services

For older adults struggling with issues related to aging, such as isolation, depression, bereavement, and addiction, we offer specialized outpatient supports including screening, counseling, and phone support.  We also provide seminars and support groups specifically for caregivers. Learn more

Family Support Centers

For families caring for loved ones of all ages living at home, our family support centers provide information, recreation, trainings, and resources for the whole family. Programs range from sibling workshops to social skills groups for young adults and support groups for parents.

Person-Centered Services

Our Person-Centered Services are comprised of co-employment models including Agency with Choice (AWC) and the DESE/DDS Program. At Advocates, our philosophy is to partner with individuals and families to create meaningful supports tailored to their visions and goals. Learn more

Gaspari Fund for Families

This unique program provides grants to families caring for a loved one with a disability at home. The Gaspari Fund offers one grant cycle per year. To learn more, contact us at FamilyServices@Advocates.org . If you would like to support the Gaspari Fund, make a donation today.

Recreation and Social Supports

We host fun and affordable events every month for you and your loved one to enjoy together, such as bingo, mini golf, and dance parties. Some of our events may be appropriate for your loved one to attend independently. View events calendar

Autism Welcoming and Caregiver-Friendly Community

Together, Advocates and the Autism Alliance partner with businesses and individuals to create a welcoming and accessible community for families and their loved ones with autism. We’re making things easier for families by helping businesses become sensitivity responsive and by making respite workers accessible in the Caregiver Corps. Learn more

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At Advocates, our mission guides everything we do:

We partner with individuals, families, and communities to shape creative solutions to even the greatest life challenges. First, we listen. Then, together, we do what it takes to help people thrive.

Nominate a Family Caregiver

In honor of National Family Caregivers Month, join Advocates as we extend our appreciation to family caregivers who provide invaluable support and advocacy for their loved ones. Nominate a caregiver for the chance to win a $100 Visa gift card.