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At Advocates, our philosophy is to partner with individuals and families to create meaningful supports tailored to their visions and goals. Our Person-Centered Services are comprised of co-employment models including Agency with Choice (AWC) and the DESE/DDS Program.


Agency with Choice

Agency with Choice (AWC) is a self-direction service where the individual supported and their family work with Advocates to build a program based on their vision and needs. All services are directed with the support of our staff.

Our family navigators partner with individuals and families to:

  • Identify goals and develop a budget
  • Recruit, hire, and train staff for in-home or community skills training sessions
  • Help process payments and reimbursements for eligible goods and services through Flex Funding
  • Monitor budget spending and service delivery
  • Identify community services and supports
  • Work collaboratively with DDS Service Coordinator to develop ISP Goals and Objectives and provide updates on budget spending


Funding for Agency with Choice is provided by DDS. Individuals must be 22 years old or older, and eligible and referred by DDS. Learn more about Self-Directed Services:


DESE/DDS Program

The DESE/DDS Program provides in-home and community support to school-age individuals up to age 22. The program includes staffing and goods and services to support the family to keep their child at home, thus avoiding a residential school placement.

Our family navigators partner with individuals and families to:

  • Create an individualized support plan based on goals identified
  • Identify staff and facilitate hiring and training
  • Find community services and supports in line with the individual's goals
  • Develop, monitor, and modify a budget based on the allocation approved by DDS 
  • Identify goods and services to support the individual in the home and community
  • Process reimbursement payments and/or direct payments to vendors
  • Provide in-person/telephonic/virtual support to families monthly
  • Complete DESE/DDS required reports 


Funding for this program is provided by the Department of Education Secondary Education (DESE) and the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). Individuals must be eligible and referred by DDS. You may apply for the program during an open interest period or are recommended by their DDS Service Coordinator.


If you’re interested in learning more about these programs, please connect with your DDS Service/Transition Coordinator.

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