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At Advocates, our mission guides everything we do:

We partner with individuals, families, and communities to shape creative solutions to even the greatest life challenges. First, we listen. Then, together, we do what it takes to help people thrive.

Listening to the needs of our community and with funding from the Executive Office of Health and Human Services Respite Innovations Grant, we recently introduced a new program: Respite Options.

The Respite Options program provides families and other caregivers with temporary relief, allowing them a much-needed break from the demands of caregiving. Respite Options services provide a welcoming, interactive, and safe environment for those involved. Participants can socialize with peers and build skills while having fun.

Individuals ages eight and up are eligible to participate in Respite Options, which offers programs specifically designed for children and adults. Options include four-hour, drop-off activities at our Life Skills and Learning Center in Ashland, as well as weekend getaways at extended stay hotels. Respite Options programs are staffed by Advocates employees with specific training and experience caring for individuals with disabilities.

For families who prefer to receive respite care from family members, friends, and other known caregivers, Respite Options also offers opportunities to apply for vouchers and scholarships.

Discussing the vision for the new program, Project Manager Elliot Bertucci shares, “We hope Respite Options has a meaningful impact on the lives of the people we support, as well as their caregivers. Everyone deserves time to themselves. We believe that you cannot pour from an empty cup; you must take care of yourself to be able to care for the people you love.”

To learn more about the program, including eligibility and availability, visit the Respite Options page of our website.