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Mental Health

Adult woman looking at the camera with a neutral expression

Care Management

Connecting individuals to a network of support in the community.

Exterior shot of Advocates Deaf Respite home on a nice day

Deaf Respite

Innovative mental health supports for the Deaf community.

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Deaf Services

Residential and mental health solutions that honor Deaf culture and community.

Counselor and adult client in Mobile Crisis services

Mobile Crisis Intervention

Skilled, compassionate support for adults and youth facing crises—where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

Woman who is a member of Advocates peer specialist team smiling outdoors.

Peer Support

Instilling hope and promoting recovery through a team of peer specialists.

Closeup of pharmacist handing medication package to customer

Pharmacy Services

Personalized service for individuals supported by Advocates—conveniently located at our Framingham and Marlborough clinics.

Exterior shot of The Living Room, a yellow house. A sign in the yard says "Advocates The Living Room. 284 Union Avenue."

The Living Room

A welcoming 24-hour crisis alternative to emergency department visits and hospitalization.


Two older women smiling and chatting over a cup of coffee

Shared Living

Creating new homes and lifelong bonds by connecting individuals with disabilities to devoted community members.

Brain Injury

Family Support

Smiling older adult woman being embraced by her adult daughter

Elder Services

Compassionate care for older adults and caregivers facing the challenges of aging.

Chinese dragon at Lunar New Year party

Project Able

Providing support for Chinese and Vietnamese families in the Boston community.

Autism Support

Mature woman smiling with her brother

Autism Services

Partnering with individuals of all ages with autism and their families to foster rewarding and productive lives.

Addiction Recovery & Community Justice