Residential Services

Because we all need a place in the community to call home.

Group of people in developmental residential services in Massachusetts

Advocates was founded on the belief that in order to thrive, all people need a place in the community to call home. Our commitment to this belief spans 40 years, from Advocates' earliest days as a group home provider  for adults with mental health challenges returning to the community from institutions. Today, we continue to create and provide opportunities for adults with a wide range of needs to lead fulfilling and interdependent lives in their communities.

Who We Serve

Advocates offers specialized supports in a variety of residential settings for adults with:

Programs for adults with mental health needs who are deaf or hard-of-hearing are staffed and supervised by deaf professionals and clinicians. Our Deaf Services programs prioritize access to communication and honor Deaf culture.

Residential Supports

Advocates' residential options for adults with disabilities have expanded tremendously over the years. We are pleased to offer a range of supports to best meet the unique needs of the many people we serve. Our residential supports include:

  • Group homes that provide around-the-clock support and care.
  • Supported living and outreach for individuals who live in their own homes with assistance from Advocates staff.
  • Shared Living, which matches individuals with disabilities to members of the community who share their homes and provide care much like a family member.
  • Adult Family Care, which provides a financial stipend, resources, and nursing support to family caregivers who support their loved ones with special needs at home.
  • Family-centered programs, when existing homes and programs do not meet the needs or goals of an individual or family. We will partner with families to customize a solution.  


Eligibility and referrals to Advocates residential programs are most often determined by state agencies who provide funding, including the Department of Mental Health, the Department of Developmental Services, and others. Private pay opportunities may be available. To learn more, please contact the staff members listed to the right.

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