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MaryAnn is 63 years old and used to be uncomfortable when out in the community. She had trouble getting around in her wheelchair and as a resident of one of Advocates’ shared living environments, she leaned on others for help with daily tasks.

MaryAnn is one of the many individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities or autism who attend our Life Skills and Learning Center in Ashland. She has gained confidence from the communication, job, and social skills she has learned there. She enjoys recreational activities such as trips to the park and the library, and is looking forward to summer field trips to Concord and The Peabody Museum.

MaryAnn volunteers at Meals on Wheels and at the food pantry in Framingham. She has worked at The Dollar Tree for the past 13 years, and is more comfortable talking with her co-workers and customers.

Dollar Tree staff recognize MaryAnn’s dedication and enjoy her company. “MaryAnn has been a wonderful addition to our team. We love her sense of creativity and we get compliments on her hard work. She is an asset to our store.”