Northborough Police Department

Northborough Police Mission Statement

The Northborough Police Department will provide for the residents and visitors to the Town of Northborough the highest level of public safety which restores or preserves a quality of life that makes this community a desirable place within which to live, visit or work, by:

A: Emphasizing a pro-active, preventative and problem solving approach to policing; protecting people and property; preserving the peace, order and dignity of individuals, and providing fair and equitable enforcement of all laws.

B: Establishing community-wide partnerships around issues of public safety and fostering the trust and confidence of the citizenry while working on solutions to root causes of problems.

C: And by instituting a process of integrity and responsiveness that provides timely investigations and dispositions to all complaints of employee conduct.

Co-Response Jail Diversion Partner Since 2019


Northborough Police Staff:
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