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Career Path: Linda Griffith

Linda Griffith, program director, Brain Injury Residential Services, (and Certified Brain Injury Specialist) says her goal is to help as many people with brain injuries as possible

Caregiver Highlight: Annette Hines

Living in a world where you don’t feel included in your own hometown can be very lonely and difficult, something Annette Hines and her daughter, Elizabeth, faced for many years.

Caregiver Highlight: Cathe Carpenter

When you are exhausted by endless days of caregiving, it can help to look for support from others who are also on a similar path. And today’s caregivers can look to those who trod that path before them. People like Cathe Carpenter.

A Second Home Found

While many people who face a variety of life challenges can thrive in a group home setting, this was not the right solution for David.