What are Recovery Coaches?

Recovery coaches are professionally trained to use their own lived experience with addiction to support others’ journey in recovery. Coaches assist people in recovery as they navigate systems, attend events, or explore resources in order to live fulfilling lives in the community. A recovery coach serves as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking recovery from addictions and helps to remove barriers to recovery. Recovery coaching is not a clinical service.  

How Can a Recovery Coach Assist In My Recovery?

  • Connect the person in recovery with support services, while encouraging hope, optimism, and health.
  • Provide support with problem solving and advocacy to assist individuals to meet their recovery goals.
  • Help the person in recovery successfully transition to appropriate treatment or recovery services. 
  • Provide education on overdose prevention.
  • Provide phone support, coaching, or assistance to help the individual access treatment or recovery support services. 


At Advocates, certified and trained recovery coaches are here to meet your needs. Anyone 18 years or older is eligible to receive recovery coaching through our private pay program. Additionally, Harvard Pilgrim members located in MA, NH, and ME, may be eligible for recovery coaching as a benefit of their insurance.

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