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Emily Bartlett De-Escalates, Diverts, and Delivers Results

In this article from The Belmont Voice, Advocates clinician Emily Bartlett and her colleagues at the Belmont Police Department discuss their belief that partnership between police and mental health providers is fundamental to providing excellent care.

Photo of clinician and officer in cruiser

Co-Response Jail Diversion Program Featured on NBC10 Boston

In 2003, Advocates launched the first co-response jail diversion program in Massachusetts with the Framingham Police Department. A recent segment from NBC10 Boston features Advocates clinician Cassie McGrath and highlights our 20-year partnership with the department.
TV screen capture of clinician entering FPD SUV cruiser

Co-response mental health clinician joins Shrewsbury Police Department

The Shrewsbury Police Department responded to nearly 1,000 mental health calls between 2017 to 2021. That marked a 38% increase from the previous five year period, according to Chief Kevin Anderson.

Enter Jessica Atwood, who is the department’s new jail diversion program co-response clinician.

Jessica Atwood smiling standing in front of the Shrewsbury police department sign outside.