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The Diversity Subcommittee of Advocates’ Senior Leadership Team provides guidance and oversite of all initiatives related to diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence. Comprised of senior-level staff, the Diversity Subcommittee meets monthly, sponsors quarterly diversity trainings for senior leaders, and promotes and upholds the following principles:

  • We believe that diversity adds value and enriches out lives.
  • Diversity is fundamentally connected to a mission and set of values involving inclusion, contribution, partnership, empowerment, opportunities for all.
  • If we are culturally competent, we will attract a larger pool of candidates for employment. We will then have a larger pool of internal candidates for senior leadership positions, and a more racially diverse senior management team.
  • We are committed to the retention of good staff. Without the right organizational culture and supports in place, good people will fail.
  • People can and will work well – can fulfill the mission of the organization – in environments free of racial tension.
  • With an explicit commitment to diversity, inclusion and cultural competence and clear policy with implementation and support, staff are confident about organizational intolerance of racial tension.
  • The absence of diversity at leadership levels conveys the message that it’s not possible to be heard.
  • A certain percentage of individuals and families will feel more comfortable and confident receiving our services; that said, it’s not as simple as “a diverse constituency needs a diverse staff.”
  • Lack of attention to these issues is a barrier to providing good services to those who need them.
  • State, federal, and private funding sources are looking for evidence of ways in which we provide culturally competent care and for diversity at these levels:
    • Board
    • Executive Leadership
    • Senior Leadership.