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“My favorite thing to do… is to live life to the fullest!” Nick shares his story of how faith, hard work, and the Advocates community have guided his recovery journey.

As a star high school athlete, Nick, used his high-level of determination to break records on the football field. Now, nearly two decades after suffering a traumatic brain injury, Nick provides positivity and inspiration to anyone who strikes up a conversation.

Nick resides at McLaughlin House, where he receives the supports he needs to heal, grow, and be independent. “The staff are so respectful, kind and they are always willing to do more to make sure we are happy, caring, and getting our recovery on,” explains Nick with a smile.

McLaughlin House is part of Advocates’ Supported Living Program (SLP), in partnership with Supportive Living Inc., for adults living with acquired or traumatic brain injuries. With the help of staff 24/7, individuals like Nick can actively engage in the community, attend social and recreational activities, gain independent living skills, and set goals to lead a full and meaningful life.

With the right supports at McLaughlin House, Nick continues to grow his interests. Passionate about cooking, Nick attends the culinary club through SLI’s Neuro Wellness Classes  to learn more about nutrition and to work towards his dream of owning a bakery. Exploring taste, texture, and preparation of food are Nick’s favorite activities.

Nick provides cooking classes as an example of how his independence and recovery have come a long way since coming to McLaughlin House.

“I’m happier, healthier, and more content with my own personal life,” tells Nick.

Spirituality also plays a large role in Nick’s life and helps guide his recovery. He attends church every Sunday and enjoys spending time with members of his spiritual community. Nick is grateful to have the support of Advocates staff in making sure he is out in the community and able to connect with others.

“For everyone out there: don’t ever give up, don’t let nobody hold you back or hold you down, because you are strong.”

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