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The Fred Gaspari Fund for Families is just one of the many resources that Advocates offers to support caregivers and their loves ones. Advocates is so happy to partner with the Gaspari Fund to help families create solutions and have better lives.

Sheryl Marrazzo of Hudson, MA applied for funds on behalf of her son and their fund, 4 Jake’s Sake, to assist in completing a structure for an elevator to be put into their home. Sheryl says her son, who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, “is not able to get to all the floors in his home since he has lost the ability to walk.” 4 Jake’s Sake has already raised enough for the actual elevator, but is still fundraising for the support structure. The Gaspari grant has been a valued award, as the elevator project has come with unexpected costs. Sheryl recently learned that the elevator would need to have a separate room built around the entrance of the elevator – which is housed in their garage – in order to accommodate ventilation space.

4 Jake’s Sake started as the team name for the Muscular Dystrophy Association's annual Muscle Walk and from there turned into an ongoing fund. Funds for 4 Jake’s Sake have come from event fundraising (e.g., Muscle Walk), a Gala held in January 2015, a comedy show, and general fundraising. Until recently, the elevator project has been funded solely by private donations – Gaspari was the first grant received.

Over the past several months volunteers have been building the structure. Volunteers have included all members of the community: local contractors and painters, who have donated time and materials; immediate and extended family members; and neighbors, who have come over on early mornings with hot coffee.

With the great community effort that has developed since 4 Jake’s Sake started, Sheryl and her family have started a charitable foundation to give back to others in the community. The foundation hopes to have official 501(c)3 status within the year.

Sheryl says that they hope to have the structure completed and actual elevator installed in the next couple months.

If you'd like to support the Gaspari Fund with a donation, you can go to our Give Help page and direct your gift to the Gaspari Fund. To learn more about Gaspari, contact us at or to learn more about resources available to families and caregivers, click here.