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Tips on Reducing Mask Fatigue at Work

August 13, 2020

Coronavirus has impacted our lives in many ways. Wearing a mask is critical to keeping those we suppport, ourselves, and our communities healthy.

At Advocates, we are commited to ensuring that our essential employees are able to address mask fatigue in a safe way. Check out our tips and video below. 

5 safe tips to help reduce mask fatigue:

  1. Take a few minutes to go outside frequently and remove your mask (don't forget to sanitize!)

  2. When alone in an office, remove your mask and store in a safe place

  3. Make sure to designate a good place to hang or store your mask when not wearing

  4. Ensure that your mask fits correctly and comfortably 

  5. Remember: by wearing your mask you are helping to keep those around you safe and healthy