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Christopher Gordon, M.D., Vasudha Gidugu, M.A., E. Sally Rogers, Sc.D., John DeRonck, L.I.C.S.W., Douglas Ziedonis, M.D., M.P.H.

Adapting Open Dialogue for Early-Onset Psychosis Into the U.S. Health Care Environment: A Feasibility Study


Open Dialogue (OD) is a Finnish approach to crisis intervention and ongoing care for young people experiencing psychosis and other psychiatric crises. OD engages the individual and family (or other supports) in meetings, with open discussions of all aspects of the clinical situation, and in decision making. Although psychiatric assessment and treatment occur, the initial emphasis is on engagement, crisis intervention, and promoting dialogue. Finnish studies are encouraging, with excellent clinical and functional outcomes after five years. The authors conducted a one-year study of the feasibility of implementing an outpatient program based on OD principles, serving 16 young people ages 14–35 experiencing psychosis—the first study of OD in the United States. Qualitative and quantitative findings suggest that this model can be successfully implemented in the United States and can achieve good clinical outcomes, high satisfaction, and shared decision making.