Advocates and SLI's Supported Living Program

Personalized solutions at home and in the heart of the community

May 13, 2020

“I’m happier, healthier, and more content with my own personal life.” McLaughlin House resident, Nick, explains the positive changes he has experienced since moving into the residence in 2018. “The staff are so respectful, kind, and they are always willing to do more to make sure we are happy, caring, and getting our recovery on.” 

McLaughlin House is one of three residential communities that make up Advocates Supported Living Program (SLP), operated in partnership with Supportive Living, Inc. (SLI). The program offers a unique setting for long-term rehabilitation for adults living with acquired brain injury. Residents live in apartment-style, home-like communities that have been carefully designed to meet their needs. Located in Woburn, North Reading, and Lexington, each community offers private bedrooms and bathrooms and welcoming communal spaces. With 24/7 staff support, individuals are supported in pursuing greater independence and achieving their goals.

At Warren House, another SLP community, resident Jim has gained independence and enjoys frequent trips through downtown Woburn, utilizing his power wheelchair to travel around town on his own. Jim notes that, since coming to Warren house, he is busier and has more fun, participating in outings such as an annual Red Sox game with staff and fellow residents.

Meanwhile, Nick has discovered his passion for cooking through SLI’s Neuro Wellness culinary classes, where he has learned to prepare nutritious meals for himself his peers at McLaughlin House. His goal is to one day open his own bakery.

The dedicated SLP team of direct care staff, nurses, and case managers have specialized training and expertise in brain injury and are committed to helping residents live their lives to the fullest. The team works with the family and individual supported to customize a plan to assist with personal care, meal planning and preparation, independent living skills training, and social and recreational activities.

Warren House Program Director, Amanda St. Amant, believes the sense of community within the program sets it apart from other service providers. “It’s just a close-knit community,” she says. “That’s how I feel here at Warren House, and even at Douglas House and McLaughlin House, whenever you go there you just feel welcome. We’re all just working together to strive to make everybody’s lives independent.”


Questions? Contact Heather Dely, Director of Supported Living Program, at   (508) 573-0242.