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32 families receive money through the 2018 Fred Gaspari Fund

January 7, 2019

Every year since 2009, families caring for a loved one at home receive small grants to help make caregiving a little easier thanks to the Fred Gaspari Fund. 

In 2018, Advocates received 107 applications - 30% more than in 2017 - from parents, grandparents, siblings, and other family members caring for loved ones dealing with trauma, disabilities, illnesses, and more. Though available funds are limited, 33 of the 107 families received small grants this year, totaling more than $7,600.

"Grants typically range between $250 and $500, but there were so many compelling requests that we awarded 33 grants in smaller amounts so more people would benefit,” says Susan Willing, Advocates family support navigator. “One $500 grant was made to a family to help cover the cost of building a fence to keep their daughter, who lives with multiple mental health and behavioral challenges, off the train tracks behind their house.”

The money will help with a wide variety of needs, including a fence for safety reasons, sensory items, services for better opportunities, and a new rug to help a young toddler.

The below infographic provides a summary of the different uses of the grant money. 

Gaspari Fund Infographic