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Navigating Difficult Conversations

The Learning Center
848 Central Street
Framingham, MA 01701

Presenters: Carla Shird and Jonathan Webb

Communities, as isolated as some are, never exist solely in silos. Communities are daily impacted by the decisions and proclivities of other communities. Complicating the well-being of communities further, are our own unique intersectionalities- the fact that all individuals are an amalgamation of various identities that shift and morph over time. Key to the survival of communities, especially those that are most severely marginalized, is the ability to engage courageously in dialogue. While navigating these difficult dialogues can feel overwhelming, there are very clear practices that can assist our processes. These processes, many with ancient origins, help people steer towards a dialogue that results in greater liberation and an experience of love. 
Through lecture, large group discussion, small group discussion, and individual reflection/journaling participants will be able to: 
1. Use appropriately the given nomenclature as presented in the workshop. 
2. Identify triggers as well as how to navigate them. 
3. Describe and effectively practice the steps offered to steer an effective dialogic process.

Deadline to register is Friday April 19th  2019. If we do not have enough registrations to go forward, this workshop will be rescheduled and refunds issued. 
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Presenters, coordinators, and participants of this educational opportunity shall promote an environment of mutual respect, free from bias and discrimination. Should difficulties arise from the subject matter please speak the one of the presenters, the workshop coordinator or your supervisor. Our goal is to create a safe learning environment for all individuals. Should individuals need reasonable accommodations please contact the workshop coordinators below.

This workshop is sponsored by MassRID, Advocates and The Learning Center.

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