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Addiction is a serious problem that causes harm to individuals, families, and communities. Advocates offers two addiction recovery homes—Channing House and Linda Fay Griffin House—located in Worcester, for people struggling with substance use disorder so they can embark on a path to recovery. At Advocates, we believe this approach helps make their lives—and our communities—safer and stronger.

Together, the residents and staff build networks of support and caring relationships that contribute to better lives. The program model emphasizes community and empowers residents to create a support system for each other so that participants can live a fulfilling life while recovering from addiction.

During a typical six-to-nine-month stay, residents are able to reintegrate into the community; participate in everyday activities such as shopping, meal planning, and cooking; attend meetings and appointments close by; and volunteer at local organizations. Each individual partners with a case manager for access to a full range of resources, services, and treatment options, including relapse prevention.

Linda Fay Griffin House

Linda Fay Griffin House is an addiction recovery home for women who find hope and healing by caring for each other and the community in which they live. In 2015, the Green Hill Neighborhood Association recognized the residents and staff of the home for their hard work and dedicated service to the local community.

Channing House

Channing House is an addiction recovery home for men offering a typical six-to-nine-month stay with opportunity to stay longer. Channing House was built in 1845 and is on the National Register of Historical Places and was fully renovated in 2018. In 2019, the Green Hill Neighborhood Association recognized Channing House. Residents continue to volunteer and dedicate service to the local community.


Advocates Recovery Homes supports individuals 18 years or older with a substance use disorder diagnosis. We accept all insurance, including MassHealth and private insurance.