Strategic Vision

Our Vision

Over the next three years, Advocates will develop robust, responsive, integrated services to enhance the health, well-being, and quality of life of individuals and families affected by a broad range of physical, behavioral/mental health, and developmental needs.

  • We will enhance our current range of services and expand Autism, Adult Family Care/Family & Caregiver Supports, Shared Living, Brain Injury, and Elder services.  
  • We will respond to new challenges and opportunities that are evolving through Health Care Reform, by partnering with health care providers and integrated systems of care.  
  • Our services will delight individuals, families, our healthcare and community partners, and funding sources with ease of access, high quality, cultural competence, and demonstrable outcomes and value.
  • We will join and build partnerships with families, funders, providers, community organizations, advocacy groups, and others to create opportunities to address unmet needs.
  • These efforts will be bolstered by a comprehensive and effective infrastructure.

Our Goals

Health Care Reform
Position Advocates to play a sustainable role in the service delivery systems that emerge from state and federal health care reform.

  • Direct Services: Develop and market high value direct care services and long term supports to health care systems and payers, with the capacity to manage alternative payment methodologies.
  • Care Management: Develop, implement, and market an integrated (medical/behavioral health) Care Management Program, with capacities to manage care for individuals with high utilization of high cost services and those with less intense needs.
  • Primary Care Integration: Design models of primary care/behavioral health integration, develop internal capacities and infrastructure, build partnerships with primary care providers, and implement integrated services and programs.

Core Service Lines
Design and implement an individualized plan for the continued development of each core service line.

  • AFC/Family & Caregiver Supports, Shared Living, Brain Injury, and Elder services: Expand these core service lines.
  • Behavioral Health Services (outpatient and emergency): Realign the services, systems, and structures to ensure they are clinically effective and fiscally sound.
  • Day Support/Day Habilitation/Employment, Developmental Services, and Mental Health Residential and Outreach Services: Sustain, improve, and support organic growth in these core service lines.
  • Addictions (non-outpatient), Child and Family, Community Justice, and Deaf Services: Continue current services and conduct further analyses to determine future direction in these core service lines.
  • Autism Services: Create a full array of services for youth, adults, and families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

Outcomes Management
Implement a comprehensive, agency wide outcomes management program.

Develop and implement a plan for comprehensive and effective infrastructure to support Advocates’ current services and enable us to seize opportunities and incorporate new services.

Agency Mission, Vision and Values Statement
This team will conduct a review of the Advocates Mission, Vision, and Values and make recommendations for revisions that are aligned with the agency philosophy, strategic plan and services.